Is Doggy Daycare Dangerous?

If you have a full-time job, it’s tough to leave your favorite little pup at home. Dogs can get anxious when they’re home alone for eight, nine, or ten hours during the day, without enough exercise and attention from their human family.

Doggy daycares offer a viable solution, giving pets playtime, food, care, and interaction with other pets under the supervision of professional caretakers. Many pet owners assume their dog will enjoy a clean and safe environment and have fun running around with other dogs. However, new interactions with unfamiliar pets can lead to aggressive behavior from otherwise tame and obedient dogs, and sometimes daycare facilities don’t offer the best conditions for your pet.

Doggy daycare businesses only require a kennel permit and business insurance to open a facility. There are no regulations in place requiring that doggie daycares staff professional dog-handlers.

The personal injury attorneys at Mulholland & Sutlive, LLC, want to help you protect your four-legged friends. Read below to find out if your dog is in danger at doggy daycare – and what to do if your pet is injured while staying at a doggy daycare facility.

Aggressive Dogs

Although your dog may be well trained, a daycare facility can be filled with aggressive or behaviorally-challenged animals. These dogs can prey on your dog to assert dominance. Thousands of dogs return from daycares with injuries ranging from bitten ears to scratches. Mixing larger breeds, like a Pitbull and Labrador, with smaller breeds like Shih Tzus is a recipe for danger, as one dog’s playful antics could be too rough for a smaller dog to handle.

Recommendation: Make sure you ask how dogs are separated at the facility. Many doggy daycare establishments will have separate play areas for large and small dogs. If your dog is on the smaller size, it’s important to understand how dogs are separated so you can determine if your pet will be safe.

Unsuitable Conditions

Many daycares may not provide suitable play areas for your pet. There have been numerous cases of dogs experiencing heat exhaustion from shelters without adequate air conditioning. Dogs can also escape if the daycare facility is not secure, leading to missing pets.

Recommendation: Ask if tours are available so you can review the property for yourself before moving forward with a doggy daycare for your pet. Many daycare facilities now also provide Web cam access, so you can check on your pet during the day.

Choosing the Right Doggy Daycare for Your Pet

When you first assess a daycare, determine if they are selective and have temperament tests before a dog is admitted. Observe where the play areas are located and if they mix large dogs with smaller dogs.

Talk with the staff about their qualifications and any past incidents. Ask about their activities for dogs and if there is scheduled playtime. If so, what is the average employee-to-dog ratio?

The more questions you ask — the better! Understanding the daycare’s regulations will help give you peace of mind that you are choosing a great facility.

Contact Us If Your Dog Was Injured at Doggy Daycare

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